1. Mirrored (at Rummelsburger See)

  2. G//////on//////off//////G

  3. secret life of the spree

  4. Q: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be right now? // A: On a rainbow, on the blue color I prefer

  5. auburn Sbahn

  6. Weeping Willows over the Spree! (at Moabit)

  7. Silver mornings (at Hoppetosse)

  8. pigeons paradise (at U Prinzenstraße)

  9. Traaaaaaaaiiiiiin (at S Humboldthain)

  10. climbers climbing one of the two towers at the Humboldthain Bunker…on top of this used to be large ‘Flaks’ used to shoot down planes in WWII

  11. Lovers all around the water, lying in the sun! (at Insel Berlin)

  12. Today was absolutely beautiful, such a summery day in the city! (at Neukölln Arcaden)

  13. xxxxxchaletxxxxxx

  14. Enter the Void Part II

  15. Sun gorgeous sun